We Are Going To Need A Bigger Bar.

By Norm Strauss. Photos by Hanna Schneider

What a great night. As a performer these are the kind of evenings that keep the joy going. I am always astounded at the communal aspects that music can provide.  Standing room only at the Schloss bar on Sunday night with Dresden’s own Johnson Grass and Norm Strauss as the featured performers. Some great Irish folk tunes from the JG mixed with some original acoustic roots music Canadian style. Seems to be a good mixture:) It also seems the series of concerts in our little bar is gaining some reputation. If you want to come to one of our concerts, best to come early. Stay tuned to our website for upcoming events.

norm with JGNormJohnsonGrass_16 NormJohnsonGrass_23 NormJohnsonGrass_53 NormJohnsonGrass_44

Right after the concert a bunch of the audience crammed into the studio control room to watch Johnson Grass band leader Goetz Bergmann record some difficult Irish Bouzouki parts on a song that the studio is producing right now.


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  1. Great looking forward to be there again, and see a concert!

    By the way, a crammed small rooms is a great place to be 🙂