Sylvia Massy recording @ Castle Studios

the amazing american producer  Sylvia Massy  has been our guest at the Castle Studios. She did recordings for a classical project including Morgan O´Shaugnessey from Los Angeles on viola and Jakub Tchorzewski from Venice, who greatly enjoyed playing our powerfull Bösendorfer grand piano. The repertoire included pieces from Beethoven, Schostakowich and Strawinski.

After this we had the pleasure to record 12 songs for “Nyckelharpa” which Morgan composed and played himself.

Sylvia is soon finishing her new book called “Recording Unhinged”  We are very thankfull that Sylvia added Castle Studios to the list of all those amazing studios featured in her book.

Sylvia said she liked our Neve desk and the select microphone collection. So chances are good she may be coming back next year with another project. If you are interested in recording here while beeing produced by Sylvia, just drop us a note.

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  1. Lukas Wiltschko 27/07/2017 at 12:45

    I heard that there will be an other workshop with Mrs. Massy in September17.
    I would really love to be attending!
    Lukas Wiltschko/Recording Engineer/CEO Penzing Records
    Vienna, Austria