August 23, 2015

Recording Workshop at Castle Roehrsdorf

the weekend between august 7 and 9th has been very exciting over here …

a very nice crowd of 9 european recording engineers have been our guests, waiting to experience a recording workshop with Sylvia Massy, radiant beeing, reverend of church divine and one of the finest music producers living on planet earth. Sylvia did an amazing job producing 2 great songs with the swedish band Next Stop Horizon. She introduced the workshop members to some of her exceptional recording techniques. She treated a cymbal with vinegar, coffee and salt, turned a speaker into an amazing kickdrum mic and showed the amazed audience how great supercompressed vocals can sound and how to push musicians to reach their limits in order to help them deliver the best possible performance.

David Arthur Brown from Soyuz microphones delighted the participants not only with his tasty homemade pancakes, but also by bringing  his company´s recent creation, the Soyuz SU-017. We did a shootout with some of our prefered mics, including a Telefunken U67, CMV 7151 with the Neumann M7 capsule, Neumann U87, Gefell CMV 563, MWL BV 30a etc. Sylvia did a blind test with all the producers present, and to everybody´s surprise ( and to Davids blatant joy ) the Soyuz won.

Guess what ? A nice SU-017 found its new home in castle studio´s mic locker …



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