April 2, 2015

Marcel Brell

An extraordinary day is over. If things continue this way, 2015 will be the best concert year at the castle!
Sunday evening Marcel Brell , his bandmembers Georg Kostron and David Eibl, everyone really likeable ( very likeable guys), present a firstclass concert. Marcel’s german lyrics are honest, clever and inspiring. In his own words “ Today our relationship starts and we have to be honest with each other.” Exactly! You had the feeling, a friend is talking about his life, his feelings and you totally know what he is talking about. Truly beautiful!

Last but not least there was the spontaneous support CAYOUX with Annika Bosch and Marcel Siegel! As well very kind people with lovely music. Vocals, double bass and loop station, that’s fun. Well chosen by Marcel! Please check out: http://www.cayoux.com/

The time around the concert makes it really special for us as hosts.
Deep conversations and being on the same wavelength – truly the best. At the end we say: “Please come back again!”

By the way, the next concert date is April 26th with Drawing Circles! Stop by and listen!

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