It doesn’t get sweeter than this

By Hanna Stober (transl Norm Strauss)

Recently we hosted some very special guests in the Studio! 16 children from kindergarten Zwergenburg” (dwarf castle), to record their new song for their castle. After a little tour of our

mg_9005_pxlr_k castle including the Carlowitz room, Arno settled them  into the main recording room and the important work started.

“Why are they so many boxes?” Asked a child. “So we can record music and listen to it at the same time.” said Arno.

That was exciting but then in the huge recording room  five microphones were set at ‘low altitude’ and the children stood in groups of 3 or 4. Dani Jordan got them all organized and they sang the song that Dani had written with the children’s teacher.

3 takes and it was done. Arno will now mix and master the song and it will be given to the parents on a CD as a great momento.




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