Festival of Friends

By Hanna Schneider

Dear Friends

The Festival is now over. This is an event that we have planned for now for over a year and have been looking forward to very much. We are proud of our friends, of you and everyone else that helped make the festival what it has become; fantastic!

To all the bands thank you: For your music, your enthusiasm, your open hearts and your friendship.

Thank you Florian, Paul, Felix and Franz from Piano Project.  We will see each other again soon.

Thank you Carmen, Judith, Dennis, Maik and Willi from Lingby. Please let us know when your new album is out.

Thank you Jenny, Paer and Madelene from Next Stop: Horizon.  It is an honor to know you. Thank you for everything you have shared with us in the last few days.

Anton, Christopher, Daniel, David and Olov from Bellgate People. We love your music. Please come again soon!

Falk und Willi from The Naked Hands-so cool that you just jumped in with us. We are sure we will see you again too.

Lea, Frente, Jure and Maex from Hella Comet. It was fun! Thanks and see you again soon.

But we want to thank not only the bands but also all the others that took part in providing food, drink and comraderie:

Uwe Kaden for all your hard work before during and after.

Thanks to Martin Deger for the crepes and Stefan for the coffee, cake and pastries.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the kids: Clown Tom Tom (Thomas), all the supervisors and Urte Henkert from Stoffwechsel e.V.

Stage lighting and bouncy castle were f rom Kultur and Dance club Freital, the toys from Bluetenfestival Borthen Rohrsdorf e.V.

The Batting case was super cool and was provided and supervised by Dukes Dresden.

In the end we will let the photos speak. Photography by Jonathan and Hanna Schneider.


BackstageFestival2014_312 BackstageFestival2014_308 BackstageFestival2014_305 BackstageFestival2014_302 BackstageFestival2014_299 BackstageFestival2014_296 BackstageFestival2014_294 BackstageFestival2014_293 BackstageFestival2014_290 BackstageFestival2014_287 BackstageFestival2014_283 BackstageFestival2014_278 BackstageFestival2014_275 BackstageFestival2014_272 BackstageFestival2014_270 BackstageFestival2014_268 BackstageFestival2014_263 BackstageFestival2014_262 BackstageFestival2014_260 BackstageFestival2014_257 BackstageFestival2014_254 BackstageFestival2014_249 BackstageFestival2014_247 BackstageFestival2014_245 BackstageFestival2014_235 BackstageFestival2014_234 BackstageFestival2014_229 BackstageFestival2014_227 BackstageFestival2014_225 BackstageFestival2014_222 BackstageFestival2014_217 BackstageFestival2014_211 BackstageFestival2014_205 BackstageFestival2014_199 BackstageFestival2014_195 BackstageFestival2014_187 BackstageFestival2014_180 BackstageFestival2014_178 BackstageFestival2014_176 BackstageFestival2014_174 BackstageFestival2014_172 BackstageFestival2014_171 BackstageFestival2014_165 BackstageFestival2014_164 BackstageFestival2014_158 BackstageFestival2014_157 BackstageFestival2014_152 BackstageFestival2014_151 BackstageFestival2014_148 BackstageFestival2014_146 BackstageFestival2014_136 BackstageFestival2014_126 BackstageFestival2014_124 BackstageFestival2014_117 BackstageFestival2014_114 BackstageFestival2014_104 BackstageFestival2014_102 BackstageFestival2014_98 BackstageFestival2014_94 BackstageFestival2014_90 BackstageFestival2014_89 BackstageFestival2014_85 BackstageFestival2014_82 BackstageFestival2014_80 BackstageFestival2014_78 BackstageFestival2014_77 BackstageFestival2014_72 BackstageFestival2014_60 BackstageFestival2014_59 BackstageFestival2014_56 BackstageFestival2014_54 BackstageFestival2014_53 BackstageFestival2014_52 BackstageFestival2014_48 BackstageFestival2014_46 BackstageFestival2014_42 BackstageFestival2014_41 BackstageFestival2014_38 BackstageFestival2014_36 BackstageFestival2014_31 BackstageFestival2014_29 BackstageFestival2014_28 BackstageFestival2014_26 BackstageFestival2014_25 BackstageFestival2014_23 BackstageFestival2014_22 BackstageFestival2014_19 BackstageFestival2014_16 BackstageFestival2014_13 BackstageFestival2014_10 BackstageFestival2014_6 Banner_TownOfSaints Banner_NSH Banner_Lingby Banner_PianoProject Banner_Vanda Banner_BellgatePeople Banner_HellaComet

Hella Comet

Hella Comet

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