Recording Studio

The Studio at Castle Rohrsdorf is a vintage analogue recording studio hidden away in the hills just 15 minutes east of Dresden.

Crafted into a 14th century castle, this boutique recording studio has three dedicated live rooms, a flat control room and assorted natural acoustic spaces.

The gear list (in particular the Neve studio console board) is part of a lifelong collection, from the studio’s operator Arno Jordan.

His collection of vintage analogue gear is lovingly maintained and operated by our  experienced engineers. Coupled with a luxurious, relaxed and creative environment at Castle Rohrsdorf we can record classic sounding records expeditiously and with ease.

About The Studio

The heart of our new studio is a NEVE 66 analog 42 channel desk, originally used in the famous Centenary Hall in Frankfurt.

Studio B features a vintage Telefunken Ant TRS 800, equipped with discrete Telefunken preamps and EQ´s, a great sounding Soundcraft Vienna that formerly belonged to the Dresden state theater and a small Studer Revox mixer that we use mainly for mobile recordings.

Floor-plan Studio A



  • Project Consultation
  • Pre Production
  • Recording / tracking
  • Live off the floor recording
  • Engineering
  • Producing
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering


The Sacred Sounds Ton-und Mastering Studio was founded by producer and engineer Arno Jordan in 1994 in Dresden.

Avatar, Sarah Brendel, Jonas David, Lingby, Noisetoys, Norm Strauss, Woods of Birnam, Klazz Brothers and even classical orchestras like the Kapellsolisten, members of the venerable Dresden Staatskapelle, just to name a few of the talented people that have used the studio services.

Over the years the studio gained a reputation for its great vintage analogue gear and the ability to achieve excellent sonic results.

In 2009 the studio moved into the former school building of the Rohrsdorf Castle and with over 3500 ft² of studio space allowed the aqusition and installation of a large NEVE 66 analog recording desk. Originally it served as a live recording desk in the famous Centenary Hall in Frankfurt, where artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Slade, Roxy Music, Maria Callas and Frank Sinatra performed.

Our 7500 ft² studio facility is divided up in two areas. Studio A offers a control room and three recording rooms, each with a distinctly shaped sonic character.  The main recording room provides flexible acoustics through exchangeable, wall mounted diffusers  and / or
absorbers.  The live room with its massive wooden floor and it´s speaker-cone shaped diffusors is perfectly suited for drum and orchestral string recording.  The dry room is ideal for electric guitars and can also serve as a commentators´ booth.

Every room is visually connected through an elaborated window system.

An outstanding feature rarely available in commercial studio facilities are the extra large soundproofed windows, providing a beautiful view through the tree’s of the former castle grounds.

An amazing sounding natural reverb room and a huge EMT 140 Plate, both  connected to the Neve desk, belong to our secret weapons.  A Boesendorfer 280 resides in the Studio, a
Steinweg grand piano waits to be played in the Carlowitz hall. The hall shows another nice aspect of the nearly endless sound-possibilities this amazing castle provides.


The Studio also showcases several rehearsal rooms and equipment can be rented.

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